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With great regret we inform you that the concert of Nargiz is canceled due to the difficulties in obtaining US visa by musicians. Refunds available at point of purchase.

A bright cosmopolitan Nargiz Zakirova announced the start of a tremendous show taking place in the USA. Bright, extraordinary, and loved by millions — first note she sings, first glance she catches!

Future star was not like the others from the very childhood: a girl was born in an Uzbek family with blue eyes and golden hair — what a rare occasion! Just at a glance Nargiz’s grandmother could see that the newborn baby was set for achievements. Nargiz attracted attention all the time.

Now she is known for her strong voice, striking appearance with a shaved head and powerful body covered in tattoos.

At the age of 15 she received her first award — Audience Choice Award during the international competition in USSR. Music from video released next year, had a great radio success.

The USA tour Nargiz is taking is not just an ordinary concert trip, but a sort of comeback. 25 years ago artist’s family moved to New York looking for the American dream. Living in New York City, Nargiz spent her first few years in America working in a convenience store, a video store, a tattoo salon, and various restaurants. In 2001 Nargiz wrote her first album, Golden Cage, which was released by Sweet Rains Records. This album was heavily influenced by Uzbek music. During this period Nargiz also performed often around New York, both with various groups and solo.

In 2013 Nargiz attempted to participate in the American televised music competition X-Factor, but when the producers did not get back to her quickly enough she applied for Russia’s Voice instead, where she made her big break. Singing in English and charming the judges along the way, Nargiz made it to the final round of the show and took second place, which she said she considered a victory.

After this major success, Nargiz began working with producer Maksim Fadeev. who wrote the lyrics for Nargiz’s successful 2014 single “I Am Not Yours”, for which she released a music video that same year. Fadeev also wrote Nargiz’s next two major singles, “You Are My Delicacy” and “I Don’t Believe You!”. Most recently works are her single “The Two of Us” in support of her debut full-length album, Noise of the Heart, touching lyric song “Bring The Memory Back” that makes it impossible to hold back tears, single “Objection” and “Farewell, beloved city”.

The triumph comeback of Nargiz can be seen in the USA this spring.

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