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  • Mike Gordon's new album "Overstep" out today!February 25, 2014

    Overstep (Megaplum/ATO Records), Mike Gordon’s new solo album, is out today. His month-long U.S. tour comes to the Fillmore on March 18th! (Tickets on sale nowww!)

    Gordon will be bringing along his band – Scott Murawski (guitar), Craig Myers (percussion), Tom Cleary (keyboards) and Todd Isler (drums) – plus plenty of synesthetic mad scientist gadgetry to enhance the live experience. 

    Gordon penned Overstep’s 11 songs with guitarist and longtime collaborator Scott Murawski during a series of writing retreats in New England. For the first time in his solo career, Mike brought in an outside producer – Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Pixies, Morphine) – to help realize his vision for the songs. Legendary drummer Matt Chamberlain (Jon Brion, Fiona Apple) was among the guests joining them in the studio.

    Associated Press called Overstep Gordon’s “most accessible solo record yet” and,which premiered the album in the week leading up to its release, praised first single “Yarmouth Road” as an “endearing, reggae-steeped groove about an emotional rift.” The song’s journey from idea to finished work illustrates the roles that serendipity, art and environment play in Gordon’s creative process. He and Murawksi were on their final retreat in Boston, working on a song about a robot living in a geodesic dome when they realized that there was a deeper idea within the song that needed to be teased out.

    “There’s a certain point where the song tells you what it wants. Then it needs to be cultivated,” explains Gordon. “Yarmouth Road” – the song within the initial song – was coaxed out by an evening walk through a repurposed oil distillery that was displaying honeycomb-laced ceiling sculptures.

    Phish fans were introduced to “Yarmouth Road” and “Say Something,” another track from Overstep, during the band’s 2013 summer tour. The plunging grooves of “Tiny Little World” and “Face” also promise huge payoffs in a live environment while “Paint” demonstrates Gordon’s deepening ability to render three-dimensional characters while still leaving plenty of room for interpretation. “The Overstep Sessions,” which give fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album, can be viewed HERE.

    Overstep is Gordon’s fourth solo album, following 2003’s Inside In, 2008’s The Green Sparrow and 2010’s Moss. A founding member of Phish, he has also performed with numerous other artists and released two albums with Leo Kottke.

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