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  • SF Chronicle: Breeders dive into 'Last Splash' reissueAugust 27, 2013

    Breeders dive into ‘Last Splash’ reissue
    by Aidin Vaziri

    The Breeders are on the road to promote a deluxe 20th anniversary reissue of “Last Splash,” the breakthrough second album that launched the irrepressible hit single “Cannonball.” Just like the first time around, the group’s leader, Kim Deal, left her position as bass player with the Pixies for the occasion, hooking up with twin sister Kelley, as well as the original personnel from the record – bassistJosephine Wiggs and drummer Jim Macpherson. We spoke with Kelley ahead of the band’s concerts at the Fillmore this week.

    Q: What were your first impressions of “Last Splash” going back to listen to it 20 years later?

    A: I was fairly impressed with the sequencing. You don’t listen to albums straight through like that anymore. At least I don’t. It’s more singles or YouTube or whatever. It used to be a big deal to make a record. They were scientific. They cost a lot of money, you pored over all these decisions, and you can really tell.

    Q: I’m still trying to figure out what the only lyric in the song “Roi” means: “Raw! When the shot leaves me gagging for the arrow.” Any clues?

    A: Josephine is English, and one of her English-isms at the time was, “Oh, she’s gagging for it.” Which meant somebody is really into something. I think Kim took off and ran with that.

    Q: But it still doesn’t make sense.

    A: No. But that gives you some idea of its origin.

    Q: Were you pleased that “Last Splash” outsold all of the Pixies albums and especially Frank Black’s?

    A: We were on 4AD – this tiny little art label in England. I was too immature to understand sales – and not interested. Comparing it to somebody else – you couldn’t just Google sales figures. Nobody knew about that stuff.

    Q: Did you like the way Prodigy sampled “SOS” for its song “Firestarter”?

    A: I was watching the London Olympics opening ceremonies last year, and “Firestarter” was one of those songs played with much aplomb and hoopla. And there was my guitar. I was just thinking, “This is so cool – 50 million people just heard my guitar!”

    Q: This feels a bit like history repeating. Why did Kim leave the Pixies for the Breeders this time?

    A: You know, I recently did an interview in Australia, and I said two generic sentences that were very vague and full of goodwill that got blown up. So I’m not going to comment at all on the Pixies. {sbox}

     The Breeders: 8 p.m. Tue.-Wed. The Fillmore, 1805 Geary Blvd.,


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