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  • SF Station // Reggae Rockers the Expendables Return to the FillmoreMarch 12, 2014

    Reggae Rockers the Expendables Return to the Fillmore BY CARLOS OLIN MONTALVO ON MAR 11, 2014

    As part of their 40 show Winter Blackout tour, Santa Cruz quartet The Expendables bring elements of ska, surf rock and punk with a heavy dose of reggae to the Fillmore on March 16.

    We caught up with vocalist and drummer Adam Patterson about to talk about the band’s longevity, growing up in Santa Cruz and plans for new music.

    When and where did you first discover your love for reggae music?

    Well, growing up in Santa Cruz it’s hard not to. It’s a very hippie town. I kind of just grew up on reggae. A lot of reggae acts came through. Reggae is one of those types of music that’s really hard not to like some of it.

    The Expendables have been a band since 1997. How have you been able to maintain that longevity?

    I was in high school. We started a long time ago and we’re all really good friends. Being friends always helps. There’s lots of times on the road it gets lonely or hard. When you’re with your best friends, it makes it easier. We really have nothing to fall back on. It’s kind of all we got. That combo is a pretty good reason to keep doing what we’re doing.

    Read the rest HERE. And don’t miss The Expendables with Stick Figure & Seedless THIS Sunday at the Fillmore!!

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